Croque Le Food

‘Tis the Season For

‘Tis the Season for home-made chocolates of course!

And cookies as well, let’s not forget those. Well this Christmas, I am going to share with you my home-made everything.

It won’t be perfect because I am going to share my try-outs as well! There are so many great food and sugar blogs out there it’s amazing (and freaky too).

Here are my top 5 favourites blogs to draw inspirations from:

*Bakingdom – amazing blog, thanks to, I have managed to make my first cinnamon roll cupcakes. How cool is that?

*Cupcakes & Cashmere – ahhhh Emily’s got it all! What I really love about her blog is the decoration ideas around the food you are preparing. She always knows how to shine the best light on preparations!

*Martha Stewart – because people, we just need to add that one. it’s a classic. Ok weirdly enough everything I’ve tried from Martha’s website I have somewhat managed to fail… BUT it’s a classic.

*Avery Cooks – great blog for cookies! It’s a cookies’ heaven blog basically

*Blogging Over Thyme – such a cute blog to draw inspiration from. Laura has such delicate and refined recipes!







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