Croque Le Knit

It’s neat and sweet, it’s knit!

Knitting always made me think of my grandma, my sister and I back when we were kids and eating strawberries with nothing on but our panties (but that’s another story).

She was so patient, teaching us all the techniques, and I remember that we did try, but we thought that building a tree house was way cooler.

Funny how almost a month back now, I thought to myself : “Damn, I want to knit again”. You may wonder why knitting suddenly appeared to me like the greatest idea in the whole wide world. Well, I gotta tell you : It was really cold that day, I also thought of my baby girl (well I always think of her so I guess this was not it), and I saw people burying their faces in long wollen shawls. And that’s where I knew I had to knit again (emphasis on the word “knit” with a dramatic tone. End scene).

So I basically had to start from the beginning : meaning – buying needles and wool and everything. I knew that I wanted big wooden needles (to make the feeling a bit more vintage. Ok so I am a desperate Parisian hipster) and I knew I wanted to make a scarf for my daughter. Since she’s over one, I thought : “hey that’s going to be quick and easy knitting”.

It was not.

After buying my kniting treasures from La Droguerie (great shop in Paris, basically, if homemade  was a religion, this shop would be its temple) consisting of a quite beautiful alpaca wool (it was damn expensive that what it was but soooooo soft) and 8 cm needles, I got to work.

Well before getting to work I had to re-learn all the knitting tricks. I was actually quite happy and feeling home-sweet-homey with my wool. I could have just let it lay there on the couch (or not, because baby girl would have probably played with it and made a necklace and throw it around…oh god…) and feel content. I almost imagined never to start knitting. I mean, when friends would come over I would say : “yeah that wool? Yes I occasionally knit from time to time after preparing oatmeal raisins cookies and ironing my satin shirts”.

But I am not that vain and I felt entrusted with a new responsability: I was going to learn how to knit! I was so happy about the prospect that I bore my love with it over and over again the day of my new acquisitions. And as he was playing Metal Gear Solid, he told me “I will knit the damn thing if you don’t stop talking about going to knit. I swear I will. Either that or I’ll just throw this expensive ball of wool out of the window”. ”

I have got a very loving partner.

So in the end, I did knit! I actually googled “knitting for suckers”- I mean “knitting for beginners”, and there they were. All those great videos shared by knitting fans. Thank you knitting fans. You saved my knitting craze from just being a craze. You made the craze a reality.

After watching all these amazing videos you feel you can take on the world of knitting.

I tried 8 times before actually making some kind of a pattern. And then I failed at one point and it made another pattern. But it looked pretty. so I told myself that it must have been my idea since the very beginning.

After 2 days and nights of hard labor, I actually finished it. I was so happy that I bore my love again! Well I did have to finish the scarf in bed so….

So, what I wanted to share in this post is the fact that if you want to do something, do it. Don’t overthink it! I mean look at me, I am such a clumsy creature and I even managed to do it. And the way my daughter looked at the scarf, put it around her delicate neck, it kinda made some cosmic sense. I had to make that scarf. Until she barfed her cookie on it when we went out.


A big thank you to the great knitting life saviour website : Milles Milliers de Mailles




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