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It’s always time for cupcakes!

Well I have got to admit it. It was time because I had just purchased the most amazing and awesomest baking tool : the Corer with Plunger Center Remover Fill Middle. Every cooking geek’s fantasy. And so I tried it with chocolate cupcakes filled with vanilla creme! I must admit, it was pretty cool having… Continue reading It’s always time for cupcakes!

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Life is like a box of La Fabrique Eclairs

You always want what you don’t have or can’t have (financially speaking). So today’s piece of advise : instead on trying to get the ├ęclair, make the ├ęclair yourself. It’s far more creative and far less expensive. Yes it may take days and nights. Yes it may look like some cheap version of a long… Continue reading Life is like a box of La Fabrique Eclairs