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Life is like a box of La Fabrique Eclairs

la fabrique

You always want what you don’t have or can’t have (financially speaking).

So today’s piece of advise : instead on trying to get the éclair, make the éclair yourself. It’s far more creative and far less expensive. Yes it may take days and nights. Yes it may look like some cheap version of a long madelaine sprinkled with royal icing which you took years to find the right texture (and which HoneyLove will complain about for ages, still finding everything a bit stickier in the kitchen than before). But the pride will lift your spirits!

The L’Eclair de Génie’s ones look absolutely yummy  and perfect though…Hey how about I buy one now and will try home-made éclairs later this year?

N°115 Vanille noix de Pécan – L’Eclair de Génie


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