About Croque La Lune

So I am far from perfect. In fact I feel like Bridget Jones sometimes. Ok most of the time!

Croque La Lune is actually the surname my mom gave me when I was three years old : I have always dreamed of being a ballerina and would dance all the time in a makeshift tutu . But ended doing an elephant dance and bumping into a table or chair instead. Croque La Lune literally translates to “The One who bites the Moon” from French, because I am a day dreamer. Always have been. And I guess always will be!

I feel that I am turning a new chapter in my life. I have an amazing tiny human, my daughter, I have just turned 30 and I have always wanted to write a blog but ended never doing so because :

1/ I am lazy

2/ There are so many perfect bloggers with beautiful pics, who am I kidding?

3/ I never finish anything

4/ I love to try different things ALL the time

5/ Where was I?

6/ Yes a blog! well here goes nothing

Welcome to my unperfect blog, but aiming for perfection!



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